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                Handling of Soybeans

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                Handling of Soybeans

                We are the largest port for soybean imports in China. All four of the berths we operate can handle bulk grains, with a total designed annual throughput capacity of approximately 8.2 million tonnes. According to the CIC Report, our West-5 berth, which is primarily used for soybeans, is one of the largest bulk grain berths in coastal China and is designed to handle the largest bulk grain vessels in the world. As of the Latest Practicable Date, our company port has storage capacity of 80 silos with total storage weight of 467,000 tonnes and two bulk grain warehouses with an aggregate area of 18,000 sq.m.We have two automatic train loading lines that are dedicated to loading grains, primarily soybeans, with an annual dispatching capacity of approximately 3.9 million tonnes.Our major soybean customers are blue chip, state-owned agriculture and food processing companies, with a strong and stable demand for soybean imports.

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