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                About Us

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                About Us

                Rizhao Port Jurong Co., Ltd.  is a Sino-foreign equity joint venture limited company established by Rizhao Port Group and Jurong Port on March 17, 2011. We operate four berths and lease out 4 berths, with a total designed annual throughput capacity of 18.1 million tonnes.

                According to the CIC Report, we are the largest port for grain and woodchip imports in China in terms of 2018 throughput. Our port is equipped with highly automated conveyor belts, pipeline systems, and industry-leading grain silos storage. We provide comprehensive port-related services, including stevedoring, berth leasing, port management, storage and logistics agency services, mainly covering soybeans, dried tapioca, woodchips, maize and vegetable oils.

                Under the leadership and support of our senior management team and controlling shareholders, we have achieved rapid growth since our establishment in 2011. Our cargo types have expanded from three in 2011 (soybeans, woodchips and dried tapioca) to over 20 in 2018 (adding maize and wheat, among others).

                Since our formation, We have received numerous awards during the Track Record Period, including the “First Place in China Port Technology Development,” “First Batch of Designated Grain Import Port in China,”“National Transportation and Logistics Reputable Enterprise,” “National Transportation and Logistics Quality Management Outstanding Enterprise,” “Leading Enterprise of Equipment Management in Shandong Province” and “Leading Enterprise of Port and Shipping Safety Production of Rizhao City.”

                Postal code:276826
                Address:South End, Haibin 5th Road, Donggang District, Rizhao, Shandong Province, China
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