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                Our Advantages

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                Our Advantages

                ——It will continue to benefit from the steady growth of the industry for China's largest port for grains and dry woodchips bulk collection and distribution.

                Our company is the largest importer of grains and woodchips in China. The import throughput capacity of soybeans and woodchips ranks first in China. Since its establishment, our company has grown rapidly and its compound annual growth rate of throughput capacity has reached 13.2%, thanks to our company's operating efficiency and business structure. Compared with peers, our company has a high profit margin. Benefiting from China's strong economics and continued growth of international trade, as well as the good opportunities brought about by the “One Belt One Road” initiative, enabling our company to enjoy sustained business growth.

                ——Superior geographical location and developed intermodal network will lay a solid foundation for our business development.

                Located in a natural deep-water port, the climate is mild, it is not frozen or silted throughout the year, and has a well-developed water network connecting with more than 100 countries and regions around the world.

                We benefit from being the only port in China that is directly connected to two major rail lines of over 1,000 kilometers, namely the Wa-Ri Rail Line and the Xin-He-Yan-Ri-Longhai Rail Line. These rail lines run through some of the most populated provinces such as central and western China. In 2017, the Wa-Ri Rail Line and the Xin-He-Yan-Ri-Longhai Rail Line together directly covered approximately 50% of the woodchip processing capacity and approximately 20% of grain processing capacity in China. Linking our facilities with those highway networks in Shandong province and beyond are three highways (Ri-Lan Expressway, Shen-Hai Expressway, Wei-Ri Expressway) and four national highways, providing our customers with fast, efficient and reliable land transportation.

                ——Advanced port facilities and excellent operational efficiency, building an industry-leading integrated collection and distribution capability.

                Large berthing capacity.Operating four berths (including one that we lease in) and lease out 4 berths. The 100,000-ton bulk grain berth,West-5 berth, is one of the largest bulk grain berths on the coast of China and is designed to handle the world's largest bulk grain transport vessel. It has the largest berth for woodchip handling in China, and the maximum berthing capacity is 70,000 tonnes.

                High unloading and transport efficiency.Highly automated and efficient conveyor belt and pipeline systems have been established. We have a dual conveyor belt system for grains with a discharging rate of 3,000 tonnes per hour, which is one of the highest in China according to the CIC Report. The port area (including rental berths) woodchip loading and unloading system can be directly connected to the production facilities or yards of major customers, with an unloading efficiency of 1,400 tonnes per hour. Leading level, design annual throughput capacity of more than 15 million tonnes. Established the first and only fully-enclosed dried tapioca unloading system in China, with a discharging rate of 200 tonnes per hour.

                Robust storage capacity.With industry-leading grain storage and warehouse turnover efficiency. It has 80 silos with a total storage capacity of 467,000 tonnes. It has been one of the above-mentioned ports with the highest turnover rate in China for three consecutive years in 2016, 2017 and 2018. As of the Latest Practicable Date, our company port has storage capacity of 80 silos with total storage weight of 467,000 tonnes and two bulk granaries with a total area of 18,000 square meters. Many of our company’s main clients located within the port vicinity own storage facilities,collaborating with our company operations. As of the Latest Practicable Date, our combined total storage together with our customers’capacity amount to 1.7 million tonnes.

                Superior discharging capacity.Relying on the developed intermodal network and leading port-opening technology, goods can be quickly transported by rail and road to the hinterland. Based on the designed annual capacity, we are one of the Chinese ports with the largest train loading capacity with two fully automated train loading lines . It is the first port in China that uses industrial robots to train loading lines. It can realize all-weather, fully automatic train loading, with an annual porting capacity of about 3.9 million tonnes.

                ——Stable and high-quality major customers, continuous innovation and service capabilities ensure stable and sustainable growth in throughput capacity.

                Many of our major customers are high-quality blue chip companies that are among the best in China. Most of our major customers have made significant investments in the vicinity of the port to build processing and storage facilities. In 2018, the company began to provide innovative value-added services such as one-stop "berth to factory" services, increasing client loyalty and achieving business growth.

                ——Having an experienced management team and strong support from the controlling shareholders.

                The success of our business is largely due to the vision and leadership of our senior management team. We have an experienced international senior management team, and many executives have been deeply involved in the port industry for more than 20 years. Under the leadership and support of our senior management team and controlling shareholders, we have achieved rapid growth since our establishment in 2011. Our cargo types have expanded from three in 2011 (soybeans, woodchips and dried tapioca) to over 20 in 2018 (adding maize and wheat, among others). Through our efforts, we have become the largest port for grains and woodchips imports in China in terms of 2018 throughput.

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